Rintaro Sato

Innovation & Operations Analyst

Rin Sato is an Innovation and Operations Analyst at Brigham Digital Innovation Hub. As a bridge between business and technology, Rin has international work experience supporting innovative projects for a variety of clients ranging from startups in Tokyo to a United States (US) state government agency.

His interest in helping others through technology to began while studying Information Systems and International Relations and Politics at Carnegie Mellon University. After graduating, he started his career at Deloitte Consulting to support project management of enterprise-level system development projects for a US State Department of Human Services. Rin was first introduced to innovation ecosystems while facilitating a delegation from a subsidiary of Deloitte Japan with key innovators in the US East Coast.

After hearing how ideas were transformed into solutions that solve real-world problems, he decided to dive into the innovation ecosystem by joining an artificial intelligence (AI) consulting and development startup in Japan where he worked as a project manager prior to joining iHub. Rin is looking forward to promoting innovation in healthcare to directly help others lead better lives.