Our Portfolio

Since 2013, the iHub has focused on matchmaking market solutions with internal challenges, accelerating the development, use and commercialization of BWH-developed solutions, and fostering a culture of digital innovation and collaboration. Through these channels, the iHub has worked collaboratively with various Brigham Health clinicians, researchers, and staff to accelerate innovative ideas, while also partnering with external collaborators to address institutional initiatives and priorities. The highlighted projects showcase a selection of solutions supported by the iHub.


Visual Tool to Understand Lumpectomy Outcomes (BeautyMarks)
Making the Virtual Biopsy a Reality (BrainSpec)
Brigham Comprehensive Opioid Response Education Program (B-CORE)
The Augmented and Virtual Reality in Oncology Lab (DICOM VR)
herald health
Platform Delivering Intelligent Workflows and Care Delivery Processes (Herald Health)
Hospital Voice Assistant Skill
Social Platform to Address the Emotional Needs of Young Adults with Cancer (Iaya)
Indoor Wayfinding Solution (LogicJunction)
Intelligent Platform to Guide, Track, and Triage Patients (Medumo)
Conversational AI for Healthcare (Orbita)
Surgical Preparation and Recovery Guide (recoupERAS)
Simple, Scalable Healthcare Data Exchange (Redox)
Surgical Scheduling Platform for Medical Device Vendors (TORq)
Platform to Streamline Workflows and Accelerate Care for EMS and ED Teams (Twiage)
Virtual PSA Monitoring Program (VPSAM)
An Artificial Intelligence System for Brain Tumor Frozen Section Diagnosis
Electronic Tablet Based System to Automate Obtaining & Documenting Individualized Symptom Descriptions
Internet of Things Buttons for Real Time Notifications in Hospital Operations
Medical Role Playing Video Game (Healer)
Smartphone-Based Semen Quality Analysis for At-Home Male Fertility Assessments
Virtual Teaching Sets for Digital Pathology Education