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Safety Matters: Improving Hand Hygiene Practice

A team from the Brigham Digital Innovation Hub; Analysis, Planning and Process Improvement (APPI); Quality and Safety; and Infection Control are working to streamline the way hand hygiene data is collected and disseminated. Leaders will be able to use insights from these findings to guide conversations with individual members of their team. This will be an opportunity for supervisors to recognize staff who excel in this practice and to provide constructive feedback to individuals with room for improvement.

Can a Simple Checklist Help Effectively Launch Pilots for Digital Health?

Some of the main reasons digital health startups tend to land in pilot purgatory is that innovators lack clarity on the process to pilot new digital solutions, don’t engage with the right stakeholders, and don’t align their project with an institution’s strategic priorities. Some simply give up, underestimating the bureaucracy and often risk-intolerance of a large, complex institution and resulting long sales cycles.