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Creating a Simple At-Home Test for Male Fertility

Shafiee collaborated with the MGH Fertility Center to develop a smartphone-based microchip for at-home male infertility testing. Tests of the lab-based prototype show the smartphone semen analyzer identifies with 98 percent accuracy abnormal semen samples based on sperm concentration and motility.

Building Better Apps for Better Care

The Brigham Innovation Hub connects the hospital community to the right resources to implement digital health projects that could benefit patients.

“Our job is to connect the BWH community to the right resources to implement digital health projects, whether building their own apps or working with a startup to create one,” says Josie Elias, MBA, MPH, iHub’s program manager for digital health innovation.

Infinite Discovery

The new building also strengthens BWH’s existing translational research tools. For example, it now houses the Brigham Innovation Hub (iHub), a resource center that helps BWH innovators turn their ideas and inventions into medical services and products that benefit patients. Established in 2013, iHub offers brainstorming sessions and healthcare business workshops, and links researchers with people from a range of fields who can help investigators to move their projects forward.