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New App Developed for Young Adults Coping with Cancer

When diagnosed with cancer, it’s natural for a patient to focus on the physical treatments – surgery, radiation, chemotherapy – needed to beat the disease. But the emotional and mental health dimensions of a cancer diagnosis can be overlooked – feelings of anxiety, depression, loss, isolation, anger and more can interplay with illness, exacerbating a stressful and difficult time in a person’s life. This is especially true for young adults with cancer. Young adulthood is the most likely time for the onset of mental health difficulties, and it can be challenging for young people to identify and express the complex emotions that come with cancer.

BWHers Dive into the Shark Tank – And Emerge with Awards

On a recent spring evening, eight research teams from across the Brigham presented in front of a panel of scientific experts, donors and trustees and invited them to explore the brain with a neurosurgeon; envision a new animal model for heart failure; imagine a day when we can transplant an eye; watch a device that can detect the cause of a drug overdose in action; discover how salamanders heal without scars; and more. During their five-minute pitches, each team made a case for why the panelists should vote for their high-risk, high-reward project to receive seed funding. After a five-minute question and answer session, each team was escorted back to the waiting area to await the panel’s ultimate decision.

Creating a Simple At-Home Test for Male Fertility

Shafiee collaborated with the MGH Fertility Center to develop a smartphone-based microchip for at-home male infertility testing. Tests of the lab-based prototype show the smartphone semen analyzer identifies with 98 percent accuracy abnormal semen samples based on sperm concentration and motility.

Building Better Apps for Better Care

The Brigham Innovation Hub connects the hospital community to the right resources to implement digital health projects that could benefit patients.

“Our job is to connect the BWH community to the right resources to implement digital health projects, whether building their own apps or working with a startup to create one,” says Josie Elias, MBA, MPH, iHub’s program manager for digital health innovation.

A Nurse’s Innovation: “Virtual Monitoring” Increases Access, Decreases Travel

A nurse practitioner in the department of radiation oncology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boyajian manages the monitoring visits required for men who have been treated for prostate cancer. The good news for these patients is the high success rates for men who receive treatment. But they must follow-up regularly with blood tests to check for early signs of recurrence and with physician visits to report any symptoms.

Safety Matters: Improving Hand Hygiene Practice

A team from the Brigham Digital Innovation Hub; Analysis, Planning and Process Improvement (APPI); Quality and Safety; and Infection Control are working to streamline the way hand hygiene data is collected and disseminated. Leaders will be able to use insights from these findings to guide conversations with individual members of their team. This will be an opportunity for supervisors to recognize staff who excel in this practice and to provide constructive feedback to individuals with room for improvement.

Building Software That Works for Doctors

The last time a survey showed that doctors love medicine because of their EMR (Electronic Medical Record) was … never. And that is probably a good thing. But what is troubling— and for too many doctors — frustrating, is that EMRs are getting in the way of what makes medicine a rewarding career: Patient Care.

Herald Health: From Hackathon to Hospital

It seems fitting to kick off this series with Herald Health – a team who created a product to bring efficiency to electronic health records (EHR) systems – because they’ve just announced the launch of a pilot program right here at BWH. The pilot, taking place over the next nine months, will help Herald refine and scale a platform designed to improve provider workflow within our complex EHR.

Innovation in Diagnostics from Dr. Sophia Koo

Diagnosing the Problem… Sophia Koo is, in her own words, a “home grown” Brigham physician. She completed medical school at Harvard, and subsequently, her residency in the Department of Infectious Read more